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✸ 24.01.2024

  • 2024 Annual General Meeting

The 2024 Annual General Meeting took place on 16 February 2020. This year, elections for both the Executive Board and the auditors were once again on the agenda. Our long-standing Board member Uli Urbanek stepped down at his own request. We would like to say "Thank you Uli!" for 14 years of Board work.
Your new board is

  • Wolfram Braun, Chairman - confirmed in office
  • Carolin Schmitt, Deputy Chairwoman - new member
  • Peter Nospes, Treasurer - confirmed in office
  • Marco Pauls, Secretary - confirmed in office
  • Marion Haas, Assessor - confirmed in office
  • Leonie Krewer-Ullmann, Assessor - new member
  • Heidi Pauls, Assessor - confirmed in office
  • Christian Ullmann, Assessor - confirmed in office

Dieter Bermes and Harald Stach were also confirmed in office as auditors.